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This Thanksgiving, We are Thankful for All You Do to Support the Grove School!

26 Nov

Life is busy. Life with and as a teenager is even busier! Know that the Grove School appreciates all that you do to support our shared mission of helping students develop healthy inner and outer lives to grow into confident and capable adults! We are thankful for you and your work (that includes you, too, students)!

Just a few of the things that you give that help sustain Grove:

  • Active leadership and membership in our supporting groups (who do so very, very much!)
  • Participation in and supporting the Farmers’ Market at the Grove School (which you can do every Saturday, 8am-noon!) 🙂
  • Help to organize community events, including, but certainly not limited to Art Shows, Back-to-School Night, and the Fall Family Festival
  • Donations of money, goods, and services, including design and print
  • Teaching mini-courses
  • Coming to speak to classes, or helping to arrange for guest speakers
  • Driving and chaperoning
  • Coaching and helping students attend practices, games, and other club or sport events
  • Attending meetings and sharing feedback, so we can keep striving to be better
  • Attending educational nights
  • Making time to come to student led conferences and showcases
  • Filling out the Family Surveys
  • Sharing your knowledge, ideas, and energy
  • And, so much more!

Thank you!

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