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Suicide Prevention Month

5 Sep

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and an opportunity to discuss an often taboo and stigmatized subject that is too devastating and too common to ignore. The Grove School stands committed to teaching its community to recognize and act to prevent suicide when they see signs that they or someone they know may be thinking of taking their life.

50% of adult mental health problems begin by age 14. [source] It’s never too early to start thinking about our children’s mental health and well-being. Luckily, parents and families can do a lot to help create healthy environments that support mental health in our kids. Being diligent and aware of changes in attitude, potential bullying situations and overall demeanor can help identify potential problems before they go too far. Whether or not you believe you and your family may be facing mental health issues, please look over the resources on our Mental Health Resource page for warning signs and support. If your situation is cause for concern to immediate safety, call 911.

If you are a student, tell an adult if you or a friend is in crisis. The school counselor, Anke Pilz, is available during school hours, either via email to or by calling (909) 798-7831. Call 911 if you or a friend may be in danger of harming themselves and needs immediate assistance.

We encourage all community members to look at the full list of resources on our Mental Health Resource page and take time to talk openly about suicide prevention with their families. Honest communication about suicide can prevent the loss and pain of someone taking their life.

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