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Student-Led Conferences – May 3-14

1 May

The student led conference is about more than the adults in a student’s life knowing what is going on. It is about the students presenting themselves in a formal setting in preparation for job interviews and other times in life when they will need to explain their strengths and weaknesses. The reflection that occurs when students prepare their SLC presentations helps them understand who they are, who they want to be, and their place in the world. While Zoom is not our favorite setting, the virtual meeting appears to be here to stay, and giving students an opportunity to practice in this format will help them in the future. 

Grove’s Spring Student Led Conferences are scheduled for May 3-14. Spring SLCs will be held through Zoom and will not disrupt the regular class schedule, so plan on being in class for regularly scheduled times. If the appointment times don’t work for your family, contact mentors to make other arrangements. Sign-up with appointment times have been emailed to families directly and students have received directions for their presentations through mentor groups. Having trouble finding the sign-up? Email

We look forward to working with your student to help them prepare their presentation and hearing about their strengths, struggles, and plans for the future.

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