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Project “Week” Begins September 24

12 Sep

The first project weeks will soon be upon us.  Students have signed up in the mentor groups and rosters have been made.  During the weeks of 9/24-9/28 and 10/1-10/5, your students will have time dedicated to completing Humanities and Occupation Projects.  These project weeks are designed to increase student participation in interdisciplinary projects. Allowing them to spend more uninterrupted time exploring topics of interest and creating artifacts demonstrating a deeper understanding of subject matter and application of ideas by working through the scientific process.

During this first session middle school students will be completing occupations projects that include an academic study of a specific problem.  These problems address issues concerning economic independence, or aspect of the farm that results in completing a plan of action. An artifact or record of actions will be completed to demonstrate student understanding and work completed.  

High school students will be completing humanities projects which are focused on academic research from multiple academic disciplines (Math, Science, Foreign Language, Literature, Social Studies, and Arts) and result in an understanding of a specific issue or problem.  Students will produce an artifact that highlights their understanding of and/or solution to the problem studied.

The schedule is designed to have a minimum impact on regular scheduled classes, and students will still attend all classes during the week..

Week Schedule for 9/24-9/28 and 10/1-10/5

Monday:- 1 – 6

Tuesday: 1 – 2 – Project Time- Minicourse

Wednesday: 3 – 4 Project Time- Mentoring

Thursday: 5 – 6 – Project Time- Minicourse

Friday: 1 – 6

Project time Daily Schedule

8:10-9:10 Per 1/3/5

9:15-10:10 Per 2/4/6

10:15-12:15 Project work time

12:15-1:00 Lunch

1:00-3:00 Mini-course (T&Thr)/Mentoring (Wed)

I encourage you to ask your student which project they will be completing during this time and ask about their progress during the weeks.

If you have questions, please contact me at


Thank you,

Andrew Christopherson

Program Coordinator

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