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Know Your Role in Case of Emergency and Enroll in “Remind” Text Alert

13 Sep

Emergencies are just that, and cannot be predicted. However, we can do our best to be prepared by knowing and understanding our role in helping keep everyone safe. During in-service before students arrive, teachers review and evaluate emergency procedures. Throughout the year, drills and conversations are held with all staff, faculty, and students in preparation for an emergency. Families, students, and the Grove School all have a role in making sure that all students are accounted for and keeping everyone safe.

  • The Grove School will:
    • follow emergency procedures to keep the community safe
    • inform parents and guardians about the emergency as soon as possible through email, text, website, and Facebook
    • inform community members when it is safe to be released, and how and where it will happen
  • Students will
    • listen and follow directions given by the staff and faculty, as this would not be the time for discussion
    • follow the directions given by faculty in regards to cell phones, including turning off immediately, when appropriate
  • Parents will:
    • be patient and calm
    • NOT call the school, helping Grove focus on keeping students safe and avoiding tying up phone lines
    • check email, website, text, and Grove Facebook page for updates
    • NOT text or call students, so they can safely follow instructions and safety procedures without distraction
    • STAY AWAY from campus until the school communicates to you that the campus is secure and students are available for pick-up
    • only PICK UP their son or daughter when the school has determined the campus is safe and has given communication on directions for release to families

Enroll in text alerts through Remind. All families are encouraged to register. You can do so one of two ways:

  • On a smartphone, use the browser to go to Then, follow directions to register your device.
  • For non-smartphone devices, text the message @groveann to the
    number 81010. If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @groveann to (850) 999-0023.

We all, of course, hope that we never have to put these procedures in place, but understanding our roles to cooperatively keep students safe, we can better prepare for that possibility.

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