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Key Experiences, Dec. 4-6 – Rainy Day Plans

4 Dec

High School Plans

Weather has led to changes in the high school plans for the remainder of the week, as communicated by email earlier yesterday.

Wednesday; 8am-3pm: Regular class for periods 1-6
Thursday; extended day, 8am-4:30pm: Trip to the California Science Center and a tour of the Endeavour Space Shuttle
Friday; early dismissal, 8am-12:30pm: On campus community building activities

Details about rescheduling of the camp-out will be available when they have been finalized.

Middle School Plans, with a Slight Change and Chaperons Needed

Weather has also led to slight changes in the middle school plans, moving our visit to the San Bernardino County Museum from Wednesday to Thursday. This does not affect school hours, and they remain unchanged, with early dismissal on Friday. However, this change has left us short by two chaperons. If you can join us from 9-11am on Thursday, please contact the main office.

Wednesday; 8am-3pm: Research and Museum Exhibit Design and Build (No Field Trip)
Thursday; 8am-3:00pm: Travel on foot to the San Bernardino County Museum; Return to school by 11:30am; Construct exhibits
Friday; early dismissal, 8am-12:30pm: Finalize Exhibits; Museum open to public in the Barton Schoolhouse from 10am-noon; Mandatory Clean-up until 12:30.

Visitors to “The Grove School Museum” are welcome during the public visiting hours, so please feel free to join us!

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